Operator, I want to spank some one

Dear Reader

We now live in a time where technology makes it possible to fulfill our kinky desires on demand. There is no more searching through Usenet groups or membership sites, hoping you will find what your mind and body desire.  Now you can browse through hundreds of cam girl listings and find the girl of your choice.

Other times you just want to talk with someone.  Someone who shares your same kinks and desires.  Someone who is willing to sit and listen to what you want.  That is correct, dear reader –  I’m talking about phone sex.  But not just any kind of phone sex, custom phone sex.   I know you’re thinking to yourself that I have lost my marbles, because phone sex operators are just a group of people working in an office, answering phones.   We have all seen the behind-the-scenes TV shows, showing the scenes of large call centers filled with operators playing cards and filing their nails while faking orgasms.

Well those days are gone, my friends.  There are some new phone fantasy operators on the block. A group of real women working from their homes who really enjoy fulfilling your every kinky desire.  I bring you Bay City Blues, a crew of real phone sex courtesans.

Bay City Blues  was started by Tonya Jone Miller.  Bay City Blues  strives to provide real fantasy phone calls provided by real girls. Their operators cover everything from bondage to spanking.  There are dominants, submissive and switches.  I happen to know a few of the girls, and they really enjoy doing spanking fantasy phone calls.

Enough of my rambling.  Below is a video interview shot by a fellow industry blog Geekbauchery at this year’s AEE Expo.


Now, dear reader, I happen to know from close personal experience that Tonya, Cindy Jay and Amy Lyn really enjoy a good, sound, spanking. Don’t believe me? Go check out their posts!