A light spanking

(Just naughty)

About a week ago, K and I were cleaning up benches and tools in his workshop. I was bratting a little and teasing him. We ended up going in the house for some iced tea. T was working on doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen.

She poured us two glasses of tea and we sat and talked about, well, spanking. A few moments later K and I headed to the master bedroom. He pulled out a chair and sat down and told me to take my jeans down. I took a little longer than he wanted so he reached out and unsnapped my jeans. He quickly took them down and put me over his knee.

He was not spanking hard but did have a steady rhythm. I could feel my bottom getting warmer and warmer. He pulled my boxers down and started to spank me on my bare butt. He was spanking rather hard now. I was jumping a little every time his hand came down. When he was done, he let me up. I stayed on my knees in front of the chair and let my sub side take over.

I unbuttoned the front of K’s pants. Clearly, he did not mind at all. I took out his very hard cock, closed my eyes, and took him as far into my mouth as I could. I came back up and moved my head down and up, sucking around his head while I used my hand to rub in the same motion. A moment later the bedroom door opened and T came in to put laundry away.

There I am on my knees, bottom still bare, and with K’s cock in my mouth. It didn’t phase either one of them. T simply says, “That looks fun”. To which K says, “It is.”

After she left, I picked up speed. A moment later, I could taste T’s sweet and salty cum in my mouth and swallowed as fast as possible.