A look in my toy box: Whippy Gear Paddle

Last night I was having a very intersting conversation with some friends on my semi vanilla twitter account about a toy I purchased a few years ago.  I first saw the Whippy Gear Paddle at a at a local spanking party. I honestly fell in love with the sound it makes going through the air. I also love the sound it makes upon contact.

Whippy Gear paddle
Whippy Gear paddle

I do not remember what material this paddle is made out of. I will ask around to a couple of Tops that I know have one.  I want to say it’s Lycra/ plastic hybrid. This paddle is very firm with some flex. It can either be a stingy toy or a thuddy toy, it all depends on the wrist action. It takes very little force to get a great reaction out of a bottom.  Welts come up almost immediately.  I have code names this paddle the lazy Dom paddle, you really don’t have to work hard to make it effective.   Bellow is a picture taken of my loving girl right after two lighter smacks.

After two strokes