All of the rumors are true!

Hello Dear Readers!

It has almost been a full year since I have updated this old out of date site.  It is true my work has been keeping me away from something I love with all of my heart. That love, of course, is spanking.  Because of real non spanking life issues, I missed what would have been my very first shadow lane. Just a few months ago I missed the October Crimson moon party.

I have not put out a new spanking podcast in over six months.  This lack of updates just kills me.   So I’m going to put a stop to this.  I’m working with a couple of people right now to get a new design put up for this site.  I need to freshen up Thisweekinspanking.

You might be asking yourself  how did I get all this free time?  Well that is the great part, I’m now part of the team rinning some of the in my opinion best damn domestic discipline spanking movies around!

It all happened by accident. I was in Chicago for an adult expo roughly two weeks before the summer Crimson Moon spanking party.  While at Exxxotica I ran into two amazing women. One of these women is Angie, The creator of one of the best porn for women sites I have seen.  The Second was  Bethany of blushing books.  After some talking, we ended up having an amazing dinner with two fo my co workers and Angies husband Colin, the creator of a very yummy BDSM website.  I found out that the three of them were the driving force behind spanking epics.  This blew my mind, one of my favorite and first spanking movies came from that site.

After much talking and a couple glasses of wine we decided to work together on re-launching the site. So now epics is love and starting to sell direct download content.   We will produce new movies in the very near future!

My love for spanking has returned and allowed me to make some much-needed changes in my life.  So I should be bringing you more content very soon!