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Thank You, Spank Me Harder

Wow, this is one saucy teen, but her teacher finally sets her straight. After showing up in detention one too many times, someone finally disciplines her in a language she can understand. He forces her to say, “thank you, spank me harder” with each spank. I know I totally respect this guy. Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side!

A Yorkshire Babe

The Brits really seem to know their spanking. They seem to manage a good mix of domination and pleasure. Many of these ladies really do love being spanked and this one even tells the guy she wants it harder. It’s hard not to respect a Yorkshire babe who knows what she wants. This video is short and sweet (only 4 minutes). Sorry to leave you …

A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anyone

Uncle Charles was kind enough to take in his niece and teach her to become an obedient, thoughtful young lady. He does it by setting consistent boundaries and she knows what she needs to do to keep in line. He reminds her of her place regularly by placing her over his knee for discipline. Their conversation is actually quite endearing and she asks for a …

Spanking With A Sandal

This is a wife’s first spanking caught on video. Her husband is spanking her with a sandal – probably hers. That must add an extra sting to it. He doesn’t even seem to warm her up, just jumps right in and she starts screaming. He starts with her wearing a cute pair of panties, but quickly roughly pulls them down to expose her ass.

Brutal Punishment

I think I know a certain someone who I hope will enjoy this. It’s a man with two women, but unfortunately, they’re not making him very happy right now. It seems they’ve both slacked off all day and now it’s punishment time. They do protest a bit and ask for mercy, but he’s really quite merciless and brutal to them both. Have a look at …

Shamed and Spanked

I don’t know what this lovely did to deserve this spanking, but she seems to accept it, even though she starts whimpering. This spanking is done over the knee while she’s wearing panties and panty hose. After a bit, the panties are peeled down to reveal a bright red bottom.    

Cool and Quiet

Not everyone makes a lot of noise when being spanked. Some of us are the stoic type. This doesn’t always work for some people because it doesn’t give the spanker a lot of information into how the spankee is feeling. This doesn’t mean we’re not enjoying it, or that we’re just “putting up” with it (though sometimes this happens), it just means we’re not as …

Office Sex

Well, this isn’t exactly spanking related, but I like the power-imbalance of office sex scenarios. Spanking could be involved, but it’s not really the point of it. It’s about the secrecy – not wanting co-workers to find out….or maybe secretly wanting them to? I get off on the idea of using sex or flirting at the office to get something. I’ve often had crushes on …