Recently the spanking blog world was rocked by the possibility that Google was going to be cracking down on adult blogs being hosted on it’s Blogger platform.  Aside from that we had seen Tumblr removing indexing for many adult topics including spanking.  More recently there was a scare that Twitter was going to stop indexing top tweets for adult terms.

This is why I now do most of my spanking searches on Boodigo.comBoodigo is a search engine that was developed by people in adult for adult searches!  I was getting tired of using Google to search for spanking movies and getting nothing but tube sites or sites with pirated content.  I was also being frustrated by all the content that would come up that was not adult related.  I don’t know about you but when I’m searching for spanking content the last results I want are child training websites.  With Boodigo, you won’t have to worry.  From what I have read they are going out of there way to keep pirated content and tube content off of the site.

Boodigo also crawls Tumblr and Blogspot!  It makes it so easy to find great spanking content!  If you are  spanking site owner or a spanking blogger, I suggest you submit your site to Boodigo, It is a very quick and painless process.  I will put in a link lower in this post.  They do ask that you place a Boodigo banner on your site, but it is not mandatory. Honestly I’m fine with posting one since I think it will send more spanking traffic to them and might even generate more traffic for me.

Enough from me go check out

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