Cam model monday: Gina RPG Geek spanking

All of my readers should know by know that I love home made amateur spanking content.  Other than a few tube sites the only place I have been able to find good amateur spanking content is through some very naughty camgirls.  Today my dear readers I’m going to share with you the work of  GinaRPGgeek. Before you get all excited make sure you sign up for a account. You are going to need it in order to buy tokens for the movie.

gina rpg geek spanking

As you can tell from the image above Gina has a very pert and full bottom that just begs for a good spanking. Lucky for us her friend Naughty Deer is willing to give it.

girl on girl cam spanking gina and naughty deer

This video was very very sexy and fun to watch. This hairbrush spanking video is a must have for any one who wants a nice amateur spanking video collection.

Check out Gina on Twitter GinaRPGgeek and check out her website

Note: after Naughty Deer warms Gina’s backside the tables are turned. You can get that video here.