Cam model monday: Kimber Kiss ’50 Shades of Red’

Dear Reader

It was not that long ago that I was showing you pictures of  Kimber Kiss giving a little spanking to Sophia Locke.  I still fondly remember watching Kimber use a hitachi magic wand for the first time.   Well those days are over dear reader.  Kimber is now a very vary naughty girl.

kimber kiss

In a recent spanking video, Kimber shows us that she can take a very drawn out spanking with multiple implements.

kimber kiss spankingIn this video “50 Shades of Red” Kimber takes 5 spanks from five implements.  Her round and perky Grade A Midwestern bottom turns the perfect shade of red at the end.  The video starts out with 10 spanks with then hand. It then moves on to 10 spanks with a wooden spoon. Then we move onto 10 with a spatula. Her partner in this video is not pulling any punches. Every smack that lands gets a very real reaction out of Kimber. She is made to count out each and every spank.

50-shades-end kimber kiss brush spanking

Of course the end of the video is my favorite part.  Kimber takes a solid 10 smacks with a wooden hairbrush. While being spanked she makes a comment about coming close to crying, I think there might have been a couple of tears in her eyes.  You will have to check out the video to see for yourself.  You can buy this video from her chaturbate profile.  This is a must have video for any collector of camgirl spanking movies.  Also be sure to follow Kimber on twitter.

Kimber is on the short list for models that I want to work with as soon as I start producing content.  I’m trying to setup a time to do an audio interview with Kimber as well, so check back often for updates.

kimber kiss spanked red bottom