Campfire spanking

This is a great story written by a ghost writer.

I’d arranged to go camping with my boyfriend.  Just overnight to a place he knew about 20 miles from home.  It was a really pretty place, right by a lake.  Not a regular campsite, just a quiet spot he’d visited quite a few times with his friends.  He loved camping and had all the equipment; tent, cooking stuff, you name it, he had it.  He often went with a buddy of his, Leon, they’d have a few beers, do a bit of fishing, but this weekend he’d invited me.

Imagine my surprise when I realised that this wasn’t going to be a romantic weekend for two but that he’d invited his friend along too.  Leon turned up about two hours after we’d set up camp.  Drove up in his beat up truck, complete with food for a barbeque and a few cases of beer.  I was pretty pissed when I first saw him.   I’d expected a cosy, loving weekend with Zak, but after a few beers and a couple of Leon’s special burgers I was beginning to relax and just enjoy sitting round the camp fire talking and messing around.   There was nobody else around for miles. The embers provided a nice warm glow to match the one starting to take over my body from the beers I’d consumed. Our voices and laughter were the only things you could hear on the still night air.

After a while the conversation turned to fantasies. They had some pretty outrageous ideas let me tell you; Zak particularly had a big thing about spanking.   He said that seeing a bare red ass really turned him on.   Jokingly I said that he could spank me if he liked, never thinking for a moment that he would do it right there and then.  His face changed to a wicked grin.  He started to make a move to get up and with horror I realised what was about to happen.  I jumped up quickly and made a dash for it, but he was too quick.  Well, he had been the college sprint champion.  He caught me easily and dragged me back to the campfire.  Laughingly he put me over his knee and tugged my shorts down over my ass. I was only wearing a tiny thong so my butt cheeks were completely exposed.  We were both laughing and I was struggling trying to get away.   But he was too strong.  He pinned me down with one hand and, before I knew it, his other hand crashed down on my ass.

The sound was like a gun shot ricocheting through the silence.  I gasped both with surprise and the pain.  It started real sharp and then the heat just seemed to radiate right around my ass.   Before I had chance to protest he spanked me again.  The pain increased causing me to cry out but he ignored my cries.  He was into a bit of a rhythm now and I could tell he was enjoying it immensely; I felt his cock harden underneath me.   The thought of this suddenly made me horny as hell and as I relaxed into the spanking I realised that my silky thong was soaked through with my juices.  The heat on my ass cheeks was only surpassed by the heat of the campfire and the heat in my pussy was indescribable.  I have never felt so turned on before.   Lost in the pain and the pleasure and my arousal.

Then suddenly reality hit me and I realised with a shock that Leon was still there sat by the campfire watching us intently with a strange look on his face.  He had gone very quiet, but I could see his erection clearly through his light shorts.  Instead of asking Leon to stop, I just moaned a little to show my pleasure and I realised that the thought of someone watching me excited me to a point where I was up for anything.

I reached beneath me and ran my hand over Zak’s cock.  He stiffened even more under my touch.  “Fuck me,” I whispered to him.  He didn’t need telling twice.  He nudged me off his knee and started to remove his shorts.   He was beyond excited too; his spanking fantasy fulfilled, he was ready to fuck me hard.  I pouted a little, “Hmm shame for Leon to miss out on all the fun.”   He looked at me momentarily, one eyebrow raised in question.  “Are you sure?” he asked.  As I nodded he beckoned Leon over.  Between them they started to undress me, removing my top and bra.   My tits are nice and firm with really long nipples.  Leon bent and suckled at one, pulling it into his mouth.  I groaned with pleasure as my nipples responded as though they had a direct line to my pussy.  Zak was busy removing my thong and as he pulled it over my hips he buried his head in my pussy lapping at the juices oozing from it like a cat lapping at milk.   The feeling of two mouths was exquisite; I could feel my legs starting to buckle as I succumbed to the pleasure.

Leon pulled away from my nipple and dropped his shorts getting out his cock.  It was big! Bigger than I’d ever seen and thick too.  He started to stroke it as he watched Zak hungrily licking out my pussy.   I reached out my hand; I wanted to feel that huge cock.  Wanted to taste it and wanted it in my pussy.  He obliged and I ran my fingers over the silky smooth skin.  Such a contrast to the hardness of the shaft, exploring the head and rubbing my fingers on the tiny drop of pre-cum sat on the end.  Seeing me holding Leon’s cock, Zak decided it was time I gave his cock some attention too.  I took his in my other hand.  Holding two cocks made me feel like such a slut.  But at that moment I didn’t care.  I dropped to my knees and took first one then the other into my mouth, sucking and licking and slapping them against my cheeks.  I’d virtually worked myself up into a frenzy and I knew they had too.  I continued like this for a short while. My pussy was doing somersaults; I needed to be fucked so badly.

Happily Zak obliged.  I got on all fours.  Zak positioned himself behind me and plunged into my dripping wet hole whilst Leon manoeuvred himself so that I could continue to suck him.  Zak’s movements together with Zak’s cock wedged firmly in my mouth took me to the edge of an orgasm almost immediately.  Zak pounded into me with a ferocity I’d never felt before.  We all came virtually at the same time, Zak pumping his come into my tight pussy whilst Leon sprayed his all around my mouth and down my chin.

That was just the beginning of a night full of sex and I can tell you that many fantasies were fulfilled that night, but that’s a story for another time.