All of the rumors are true!

Hello Dear Readers! It has almost been a full year since I have updated this old out of date site.  It is true my work has been keeping me away from something I love with all of my heart. That love, of course, is spanking.  Because of real non spanking life issues, I missed what […]

The Dancer part two

Dear Reader It was a few weeks later, Lydia, and her husband had separated after having a huge fight. He was out of town on business again, as well. We had  gotten off work and were going to have breakfast with a couple of co-workers. After we had eaten we decided to share a cab […]

New Education Resource

Dear Reader While on a journey through cyberspace, hunting for all things spanking, I stumbled upon a very interesting and educational website. I now present to you The Pleasure Mechanics. This sexy power duo is made up of Charlotte Mia Rose and Chris Maxwell Rose. Both of these ladies are highly educated and well-rounded sex […]

Two Podcast Updates

I forgot to put this up last night before I went to work. There are two shows up right now.   1. Story time: A story of mine from here has been narrated for your listening enjoyment This Week In Spanking Story Time   2. This Week In spanking: EPISODE: 3 CUSTOM CONTENT OR MADE […]

sexy time in your ears.

I know I’m falling behind again and the updates are taking a little while longer than I planned.   I promise I will try harder to get more of a set update schedule for all of you. But over the past couple of days I have just been engulfed in some very sexy/naughty/kinky/Eargasmic podcast. Today’s Podcast […]