Crimson moon night number one

Hello Dear Reader, I’m sitting in my hotel room in Chicago at this years’ Crimson Moon Spanking Party.  So far all I can say is that it is amazing.  I have had the opportunity to meet in person so many of the awesome people I have have been friends with for years over the internet. […]

Upcoming events and vacation

I figured moving to the Midwest would give me allot more time for writing and working on projects.  I was not entirely wrong, I don’t work as long or as hard as used to.  Recently some of my marketing and design clients have been eating  up my spare time.   There are allot of changes coming to also David Pierson has his […]

Quick Update

I will post more on this later, I’m jut very excited about the fact that next year (Well in a few months) I will be attending my first large scale spanking party. Amy Lyn and I will  both be attending BOARDWALK BADNESS WEEKEND Today be purchased our tickets and booked our hotel room.  Amy Lyn […]