Thursday Thought: Spanking Books/Stories and Literature

Spanking Books/Stories and Literature I have been throwing around the idea of doing a re-launch of The purpose behind the spanking book club would be to create member activity driven site where fans of spanking books, stories, and authors could all come together.   This would not be a site where authors come to […]

Spanking Party

With the summer months upon us, there are lots of larger spanking parties revving up. Chicago and Dallas are having them as well Vegas in the Fall. Atlantic City is kicking off the season.  Reading about all of these parties really makes me miss going to social spanking events.  I have yet to make it […]

Thursday Thought: Buying a Hairbrush for spanking

The comments in this post are purely mine and not of any of the sites or links in this post.  This advice is only for purchases of brushes to be used for spanking between consenting adults. Recently, I had a dear friend have a terrible thing happen.  Her plastic hairbrush was broken after she received […]