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Must See Clip Stores

Dear Reader, Today I want to bring to you, two  unique clip stores. I love supporting my friends and their ventures in creating spanking content.  I highly suggest you check out one or both of these stores and purchase yourself some unique spanking and domestic discipline material. The first store is Red Cheek Studios. This store is run by a very dear friend of mine, …

Amazing hot spanking video

I found this little clip while surfing a group on reddit.  I love her reactions and moaning to this solid hand spanking.  I have no idea who the production company behind the clip is or who the model is.  But It’s still amazing.  If you have any information let me know!.

Tube Tuesday: Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy

This is sort of a double update.  I found the tube video for Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy on spanking tube, I then noticed I had the actual update e-mail in my inbox.  This scene is all sorts of intense and yummy.  There is bits of negotiation in the preview video to put some of your minds at ease.  I really enjoyed watching this preview. This …

Thank You, Spank Me Harder

Wow, this is one saucy teen, but her teacher finally sets her straight. After showing up in detention one too many times, someone finally disciplines her in a language she can understand. He forces her to say, “thank you, spank me harder” with each spank. I know I totally respect this guy. Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side!

A Yorkshire Babe

The Brits really seem to know their spanking. They seem to manage a good mix of domination and pleasure. Many of these ladies really do love being spanked and this one even tells the guy she wants it harder. It’s hard not to respect a Yorkshire babe who knows what she wants. This video is short and sweet (only 4 minutes). Sorry to leave you …