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Caption Needed

I was going through my inbox when I found a new pictures were put out by AAA Spanking.  Before I ever decide to post  a picture or promote a scene or clip I always give it a once over and think on it.  But when I saw this picture I had to post it right away. I added the caption. I know as a top …

Monday on hold

I will throw a few updates up soon dear reader. I’m just exhausted and still have four hours of my day left before i go home.  Party drop his hitting a little harder than I expected. Don’t worry I will have lots of great stuff soon.

Spanking Startle: Masters of Sex

Watching episode three of Masters of Sex, it happened. A small but still fun spanking scene. One of the subjects of a study reveals she can only get off if she is being spanked. The subjects name is Ginger, There are a couple of on scene spanks and some minor out of camera moments.  Ginger does seem to get off fromt he spanking. I knew …

cleaning up

I had to spend the past couple of days cleaning up some code and fixing some hacked files.  Everything should be back up and running now. Thank you to every one who stayed with me.  There will be more updates coming soon.    

Office Sex

Well, this isn’t exactly spanking related, but I like the power-imbalance of office sex scenarios. Spanking could be involved, but it’s not really the point of it. It’s about the secrecy – not wanting co-workers to find out….or maybe secretly wanting them to? I get off on the idea of using sex or flirting at the office to get something. I’ve often had crushes on …

Saturday Questions and Answers on spankng.

Recently I asked a few friends to send me any questions they had on spanking play, or domestic discipline. Any sort of spanking questions that dealt with two (Or more) consenting adult. I in no way condone the spanking of children or minors or people who cannot consent legally.  The answers are my opinion, They do not reflect any of my advertisers. Now that all …