Dear Reader

I really must apologise for my lack of updates over the past six or so months.  I have been rather busy with work and other issues in my day-to-day life.   Recently, my attention has turned to amateur projects and a lot of “DIY” site marketing.

This has not left me a lot of time to update content here, but that is going to change.  After doing some soul-searching and brainstorming, I have decided to change the concept of this blog.  I’m only going to be promoting and covering amateur sites and people who are just starting to make their ways in this niche.

No more covering multi-girl sites. Gone are the days of talking about models who are jumping from site to site.  I’m going to push the girls who do a variety of things, so fetish will no longer be the primary topic.

I have not made a decision about whether or not I will post my stories and fiction here.  I have a new editor who seems to be okay with editing most things but I’m not sure I’m ready to share my stories and erotica just yet.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope this new avenue will be as entertaining for you as it is for me.

One reply on “Change”

  1. I’d be interested in reading your stories. I’m a ghostwriter and one genre I do is erotica. Which includes spanking. Written erotica is often more titillating, because, you’re able to use your imagination. Plus, they can give you some good inspiration. I’m sure yours really invigorates the senses.

    You mentioned about girls who do a variety of things. It’s important to diversity, even if you have specialties. I favor bi, anal, feminization & cuckoldry myself. I’ve just discovered your blog, but, am looking forward to reading & learning more from it.

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