Christmas Shopping Fun

So my lovely Top and I where out shopping for the holidays. Typical couple activity, we where busy popping from one store to another, picking up odds and ends for family and friends. When we made it to the bathroom section of a store… now normally the bathroom section is harmless, its the hair care isle that worries my bum. However this time he happened to spot a long wooden bath brush. Now my mind didn’t jump to spanking right away, in fact I was like oh that looks nice I can finally reach all the hard to reach areas on my back, he picked it up and made some comment to the effect of yup and it has a long handle like a wooden spoon has.  My eyes got all big and I relised he was holding a giant hair brush. I quickly snatched the bath brush out of his hands and hung it safely (and far away from my bum) on the shelf. Oh but it is not that easy, some how the bath brush made its way into the cart and sure enough on its way home with us.

So now a few days later the bath brush long sense forgotten by me, as it is in a bag on the chair with all the other things we bought. I decide to play the brat card, I poke and nudge at him all day. I teased and whined and pouted, I think there might have even been a little tantrum thrown at his office. All day long he is just smiling and letting it go. Then we got home.

We got home and I poked one more time, and just like that I was over the couch and he had the bath brush in hand. I gulped, I whined I pleaded. It has no effect on him. He landed one swat with the bath brush over my jeans. I jumped and turned to him and nuzzled in close, talking fast begging to get out of any more swats.  Back over the couch I went and  another swat with the bath brush, I still wiggled and whined. This made him even more cranky, so down my jeans go. One more swat, then another, I cried out and put my hands in the way.. he moved them and had me start counting now. I had earned 5 more swats.  So I counted and it went something like; one, owiee no I’m sorry, two, Daddy please no more, three I’m all done I’ll be good, four stomping feet and wiggling, five, ok ok no more daddy and I snuggle in close.

So the bath brush is right up there with hair brushes for things that I dislike used on my bum. It is very effective at getting me to get the point of our little conversations.  I must admit though, I have a pretty high tolerance for spankings but hair brushes and bath brushes bring out the whiner in me!