Crimson Moon Day 2 and 3

Dear Reader,


Thank you for being patient with me. I have been rather sick the past couple of weeks.  I’m fully on the mend now and have had time to put my memories back together.  I will now try and put together my memories of day two.


I won’t lie to you guys, I did not even get out of bed until around 10am. The suite parties the night before ran into the early hours of the morning.  I had to hurry and get up and dressed because I had a local friend from Chicago coming to visit me in my room.  I had not seen Britney in over three years. Britney showed up right on time.  I did not want to rush our visiting but at the same time I did not have much time before I had a session scheduled.


Britney showed up looking very smart and sassy. She was wearing a black turtle neck sweater and a nice pair of slimming jeans.  It was not long before she was over my knee with her jeans and panties down.  This was not a particularly hard spanking, more of a fun spanking for her and just pure entertainment for me.


After Britney and I parted ways I quickly cleaned up my room to be sure it was in order for my spanking session with Alex Reynolds.  Alex showed up on time and almost ready to go.  She was not yet in the uniform that we had agreed upon, This was ok since it made sense for her to wait and change once she reached my room.  It might have spooked the vanilla people on my floor if she was seen wearing a pair of drop seat pajamas into my room.


I wasted no time in taking her over my knee and spanking her panty-clad bottom.  Most of what we had discussed went straight out the window.  I was just so excited and happy to be spanking this amazing specimen of a bottom.  We actually spent time talking about the community and the business of being a spanking model while she was over my lap.



After our first round of spanking, Alex changed into an adorable pair of drop seat pajamas.  They were all sorts of yummy.  I quickly took her back over my knee only to notice that most of the marks I had left on her bottom had already faded to nothing.  Her quick recovery time made her bottom the gift that kept on giving.


I’m telling you, Dear Reader, a custom scene with a very busy and adorable model was well worth it.  We honestly did spend more time talking than spanking. I think this was mostly because I was nervous and honestly wanted to do an interview with Alex. The two just happened to happen at the same time.   It was soon after that 3pm hit and our session came to an end. I had to run and meet up with DrLectr.


We were all given a note that the entire party was to come together at 9:30pm.  No one really knew why we were all just told to me in the main room at 9:30.  Come to find out, I was able to witness one of the most heartwarming and beautiful marriage proposals between two people I have ever seen. Including a scene wedding ceremony.  I wish them both the best of luck and life long happiness   🙂


Now this is where things get a little fuzzy. Later that night I was given the ability to Spank Ten! yes that is correct Ten Amorette was over my knee, apparently she has a thing for guys named joe.  I had so much fun spanking her, from putting her over my lap to pulling her panties down.  I made a joke to her about how I usually sign my handy work, but since her ass was so epic I should have her sign my hand, since I will probably never wash it again.




Later that night, the midnight vendor fire sale started. I was able to pick up two new amazing toys.



The one on the right  looks like a whipygear paddle but I assure you it is not.  It’s actually a leather version made by a man named Big_Bubba, you can find him on fet under that name. He has some amazing toys.  I also got to meet cowboy Bob. I’m not sure if Bob has a website but being able to look at his collection and his wares was amazing.  I purchased the wooden paddle on the left from him.

Next party I will blog every day so I don’t forget things.  I made so many new friends and met so many amazing people that I look forward to seeing again in the very very near future.  I will be posting more events as they come back to memory.  If I forgot to mention any of the amazing people, please forgive me.