Crimson moon night number one

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Chicago at this years’ Crimson Moon Spanking Party.  So far all I can say is that it is amazing.  I have had the opportunity to meet in person so many of the awesome people I have have been friends with for years over the internet.  I have made some new friends and gotten to chat with some very interesting people.

On Day One, my cab pulled up to drop me off at the hotel. I was nervous about being at the right location. My nerves were calmed immediately when I saw the signature cowboy hat and black leather jacket of Richard Windsor. I was able to check the first item off on my to-do list before even checking into my room.

After checking in to the hotel and taking a shower, I made my way to the party check-in. It was a very quick and super friendly process.  I spent a few more hours just socializing and meeting some new people.  I was on my way back to my room when I saw one of my biggest spanko crushes walk in the door.  I quickly worked up the nerve to say hi and introduce myself to Ten. I will admit I was super shy. We chatted a little and she invited me up to her room. I kind of stood around for a few moments because I did not want to invite myself in but she ushered me inside and introduced me to Joe (aka Dr Lectr) who is a most hospitable and gracious host.  Since the TSSP meeting was about to start and I have aged out of the twenty-something group, I was taken downstairs with a group of incredible gentleman to enjoy scotch and cigars.

After a couple of hours with some great company, we all headed back to Ten and Joe’s room where I got to sit and chat with Paul Kennedy, the owner and creator of I also got to have a nice conversation with the Yoni party coordinator and one of the great minds behind Bum Rap Productions.

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, “Wow. Did last night really happen? I have not even been at the party 12 hours yet.”