Fantasy Friday: Story time Testing It Out

A few days ago, I acquired an amazing ebony hairbrush.  It’s perfectly oval and in great condition.  This brush is perfect for spanking bottoms.  My only concern about this brush was there seemed to be a carving or silver jewelry in the back side.  This raised concerns of the brush biting too much or tearing skin.

After getting the brush cleaned up, I wanted to understand and see how effective it was going to be on both a clothed bottom and a bare bottom.  I, of course, did not want to test it on the girls right away.  Why not have a little bit of me time and test a new toy?

I called up my friend Trisha.  She is a 50-something that looks like a 40-something female.  She is a retired school principal – has that strict air of authority about her.  Trisha has auburn hair and stands about 5’ 7’ with amazing hips.  Trisha has raised over seven kids in her home.  She’s no stranger to attitude and sheer disobedience with that motherly tone and look that could shrivel you with a glance.

We set up to meet after I was off work and both of the girls were out of the house.  Trisha came over. We made small talk for a few moments before she stopped me cold and said,  “You’re nervous and just chatting”

I stopped and stood there. She then ordered, “Go get the brush and bring it to me”. I quickly fetched her the brush.

“Very nice,” she responded.  Her gaze quickly turned to me.

“Let’s go”.  She reached out and took me by my ear.  For some reason, this quickly paralyzed me but my feet obediently moved with her down the hall.  We entered the guest room where I had set out a chair exactly as she had asked.

She sat down and I quickly found myself lead over her lap. I could see the carpet and her sturdy shoes.  I was already beginning to think, “What am I doing here? What is my safe word?  Can I really handle this?”

*Smack*  Her hand had landed dead center on my ass. The sound brought me back to reality. There was no real sting or pain but I was in shock. Another smack landed then another. The pace picked up as she alternated sides.  The heat was quickly building up in my backside. *Thwack*

This was not painful or horrible. I was thinking this is no big deal, at least, nothing like when I was a child. Then she stopped and I felt the touch of her cold fingers sliding into the waistband of my sweatpants and my boxers. Before I could react, the cool air of the room was wafting over my very warm bottom.

I tried to say something. I tried to remember the safe word. Nothing came out then there was a defining crack as the brush came down on my bare bottom cheek.  A jolted “fuck” came flying out of my mouth and my hand shot back to protect my rear.  She grabbed my hand and had it pinned behind my back in a flash.

“That is no way for someone in your position to talk young man.”  Her voice was sharp.

She quickly picked up pace. I used my spare hand to hold the leg of the chair. There was no way I was going to let this spanking get the best of me.  The brush came down over and over again. I could feel myself letting go of control more and more. I felt a few warm, wet drops roll down my cheeks but I stayed vocally stoic.  I closed my eyes and felt the edge coming – that edge that so many submissives and bottoms talk about.  I could almost feel myself going over when she stopped.

I lay there over her knee, bottom bare and stinging.  I feel her cool hand rub my throbbing bottom.  Her tone melted into very sweet and loving.

“Not at all what you expected was it?”

I timidly shook my head.

She helped me up and gave me a moment to compose myself.  When I came out moments later, she was by my front door holding her purse and car keys.  I thanked her for helping me test this new find.

She hugged me and said, “The pleasure of giving you a much needed spanking is all mine, Sugar. Call me if you need it again.”

I chuckled as i  watching her walk out the door.

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