Fantasy Friday: Training Day

B had to run out to meet with a couple of her postpartum mommies yesterday so I took the opportunity to play and train S.  S is a tiny thing. She is about 5’1” and 120 pounds if she is lucky.  She has the most adorable little butt.  Well, I planned to put that little butt to work.

I found out S had only had anal sex once in her life and hated it.  When I brought up the idea of training her, she was not interested. But since I told her it was something I wanted, she gave in.

I had her take a nice long hot shower and have her instructions on how to clean (not going there on here). I told her if she was not done to my standards then there would be a long spanking involved on her wet butt and she would be sent back to the shower.

Warning: Dirty and Graphic
Cuts did not work damn it

While she was in the shower, I got out my set of glass butt plugs.  I made sure they were cleaned well, yet again, and warmed them up.   When S got out of the shower, I had the room at 70*F and the plugs all clean and laid out. The lube I’d warmed nicely. I requested she get on her hands and knees on the stack of pillows I’d prepared so she could rest her head.

I gave her ass a few smacks to warm it up.  I gave her curves some teasing licks before going down on her.  After she was nice and purring, I lubed the first plug and slid it in.  She barely noticed as I kept playing with her.  After a few moments, I moved up to the next size.  I made sure she had a couple great orgasms.

I slid the third and final plug into her.  This one made her squeal a little; it was actually very cute.  This was going to be the plug that was just big enough to relax her but not big enough to take the fun away for me.  After the plug was in, I moved in front of her.  I grabbed her hair and forced her down on me. I moved her head up and down my cock.  I really enjoyed her soft lips and the little noises she makes when I go in too far.

Once I was satisfied, I removed the plug from her.  She had barely commented, “Are we done?”  when I took her ass from behind. She shrieked and tried to move away from me but I grabbed her hips and slowly gave her all of me.  I pulled back a few times to add more lube and coached her to relax.  Soon I was enjoying her squeals and squirms. She continued for a bit to try and pull away until it happened.  She began to rock back and forth and stopped wiggling.  She was panting for more and I willingly obliged.  She then looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you just made me cum.” Shortly after that, I finished and we laid there snuggling until it was time to clean up.