Fiction Friday: Dressing room spanking

This story is about a spanking that took place in a large clothing store in a mall around where I live. I have decided not to mention the name of the store here in the story to protect those that helped this whole thing happen.

It was about mid afternoon when Chelsea and I arrived at the mall.  We were just going to walk around and chat about how things in her life were going and what not projects I was working on. Chelsea is a very bright young woman who is all of nineteen years of age.  She is currently attending community college and trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.  I met Chelsea via a popular online dating site but we are nothing more than friends. We are now at a point where occasionally when her life gets out of hand and hectic or she starts making a series of harmful choices, we will get together for me to soundly spank her.

While we were chatting in the food court, she let me know that she had gone through a small wave of depression. It was nothing that could not be fixed with a shopping trip.   It was just that this particular shopping trip landed in the ballpark of three hundred dollars and that was money she didn’t have to spare.  Chelsea had apparently used a credit card she was only supposed to be using for emergencies. I asked her how she planned to pay that off.  She mumbled, “I told Mom and Dad I had a car emergency and they wired me the money.”

If looks could kill, the glare I gave her in that moment would have melted her on the spot.  I quickly let her know how irresponsible and immature that was. Instead of spending all the money, she should have called friends or a student counselor or even me.  Also, she flat out lied to her parents who trust her.  As my lecture began to sink in, Chelsea began to look more ashamed of herself.  I asked her what store she did the bulk of her shopping in.  She gave me the name. It happened to be a store located in this very mall.

I happen to know a floor manager in this location. I called the store to see if she was working. Chelsea began to look very nervous. She was looking down at her napkin from the pretzel shop and fidgeting with her hands.  I find out that Bridget the is in fact working. I get her on the phone and ask if her I can bring Chelsea in for a talk.  Bridget informed me that she had a private area which would be ideal because part of the store’s women’s department is being remodeled and the workers are only in at night.  They have not started to work on the dressing rooms so that portion was still fully intact.

After ending my call, Chelsea and I took a walk to the department store.  We were greeted by Bridget who had a very knowing look in her eye.  She escorted Chelsea and I to the dressing rooms slightly away from the hustle and bustle of her customers.  Once inside of a dressing room, I seated myself  on the bench across from the mirror.  I looked up at Chelsea.

“Do you know what I am about to do to you young lady?”

She nodded in response, her averting her eyes towards the floor.

“Well then, we had better get this taken care of right now. Unzip your jeans and take them down.”

She froze for a moment before her hands found their way to the buttons of her jeans.  It would be a lie to say that I did not enjoy the show of her jeans making their way down her slender legs. Looking up, I could see her deliciously round bottom. Chelsea really has one of those asses that you are not sure if you want to spank it or just take a bite out of it.  She stood frozen in front of me now with her jeans in a pile on the floor. Her white cotton boy shorts gave me a teasing glance of her peach colored cheeks.  I undo my right cufflink and roll up my sleeve.

Her face is flush from embarrassment.  I wait no longer and I guide her over my lap. I can see the goose bumps coming up on her legs and ass.

“Are you cold?”

She nodded again. Her voice is still lost.

“Well, I will warm you up then.”

I brought my hand down hard on the center of her ass, her soft cheeks recoiling under my hand. She clenches her cheeks. I repeat the blow again on her left then the right cheek.  I settle into a rhythm of left cheek, right cheek, center.  She began to squirm and let out soft little ouches and ows.  I grew tired of her being so stoic. In a flash, I slid my fingers into the waistband of her panties and took them down below her ass.

I was quite pleased with myself. Her ass was a very uniform red.  It wasn’t an angry red but more of a warm crimson shade.  She and I both know this is just the start of her discipline.  She breathes in sharply when glancing back at me and I can see the tears forming in her eyes.  I begin to bring my hand down again and find the same rhythm of moments ago.  She begins to scissor her legs frantically. This gave me a pleasurable view of her glistening womanhood.  I remind myself there is no time for pleasure in this. She must be taught a lesson.

Chelsea began to cry out in anguish and I saw the tears flowing down her face.  I stopped her spanking and slowly began to rub her bottom. Moments later, I let her up and gave her a stern look in the eye and tell her, “I don’t ever want to hear that you have been taking part in this sort of behavior again. You humiliate yourself and those who trust you.”

She nodded sniffling. I wrapped her up in a hug and hold her for a few more moments. I then helped her get dressed and gather her composure.  We walked out of the area to a waiting Bridget who smiled gently at Chelsea and showed her to the ladies’ room.  While Chelsea cleaned up, Bridget began to tell me all about her lack of play and discipline as of late.

I would go into more detail here but that is a story for another time…

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