Fiction Friday: Twins

(This is a story that was ghost written for me.  All parties are over 18)

Two are ultimately better than one!

They’d been eying me all evening. A couple of high school girls.   Sharing secret smiles and whispered comments.  Laughing and giggling over their drinks. Giving me a series of winks and grins and overtly sexual messages. One would suck a finger and then trace it around her lips suggestively.  The other raise her hand and let it trace the outline of her tits beneath the tight fitting halter neck top of her dress. Braless, her nipples were pushing their way through the silky fabric, hard peaks just begging to be sucked.  They were taking immense pleasure titillating me like this.  And it was working.  My cock was straining under my shorts, like a runner on the starting blocks, waiting to explode.  The thing that was really getting me hot though, was the fact that they were twins.  Identical twins at that.  Double trouble.  I let my mind wander wondering just how alike they really were.

I decided to go for broke.  Call their bluff.   Putting down my beer, I headed for the stairs, with a quick glance in their direction and a movement of my head indicating they should follow me.

Giggling they looked at each other and nodded their agreement, quickly pursuing me up the stairs. We literally fell into the nearest empty bedroom in our eagerness, a tangle of limbs and testosterone.  My eyes were moving in wild abandon taking in two pairs of long legs, two pairs of firm tits and two luscious asses. I could feel my cock jerking in a desperate attempt to introduce itself to the dark warm places of the twinnies in front of me.    They were still giggling and started to make out in front of me, planting soft kisses on each others lips.  I could hardly contain my excitement as I watched them trading tongues.

“I’m sure this can’t be legal,” I said.

They laughed and the one in the halter top said “So what are you going to do about it then college boy?

I bristled at the challenge.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do about it.  I dragged her close to me and said right into her face.

“I think you both need a good spanking!”

Her eyes lit up, lust radiating from them. I took that as an invitation and pulled her over to the bed, putting her across my knee.  She didn’t resist.  Her twin just continued giggling watching her sister’s plight with an amused look on her pretty face.  I flipped up the short skirt of Twin A’s dress, her butt cheeks were bare, just a thin whisper of lacy thong slipping between the perfect orbs.  Her ass was like a perfect peach, cliché maybe, but that’s exactly what it looked like. Firm, round, peachy color, (she must tan in a thong I thought idly), and covered in fuzzy down of blonde hair. I stroked my palm over it, enthralled by the smoothness of the skin.  Ran it over the curves, loving the shape and texture and feeling the outline of her tiny pants.  I traced the line where her cheeks met her thighs and then up between her buttocks. She wriggled beneath me invitingly and her movement stimulated my cock to fever pitch. I could feel the pre-cum seeping out and pooling in a glob.

I spanked her hard.  One short sharp blow.  She winced and a surprised gasp came from her lips. Her sister giggled at her discomfort.  She writhed a little more, grinding her hips onto my engorged shaft. I spanked her again, raining down several blows in quick succession.  She howled with pain and struggled to get away but I held her down firmly.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, but she shook her head and wriggled her ass suggestively.  This was an open invitation and so I slapped her a few more times, watching her cheeks turn increasingly red. My hand marks clearly visible across the perfect flesh.

“My turn,” Twin B pulled my hand away and looked at me from under her long lashes.  She’d already removed her jeans and pants without me even realising, I’d been so caught up in spanking her sister.  To be honest my hand was starting to smart and tingle now but well I could hardly refuse could I?

I nudged Twin A off my knee and replaced her with Twin B.  Her ass was just as lovely.  They both had the most fuckable asses I’d seen in a long time.  I ran my hands over the curves with a sense of déjà vu then lifted it momentarily before the full span of my hand crashed down on her right buttock, then her left.  I carried on without stopping.  I let her feel the full force of my swinging hand six times, the weals already rising as I spanked her hard.   I have to admit I was a little out of control at this point, I could feel the wetness from her pussy dampening my thin cotton trousers and imagined it opening up for me.  I had a vague sensation of her twisting beneath me as the blows rained down.  The overwhelming urge to fuck her was filling my mind, making me oblivious to sights and sounds.  I threw her roughly off my knee and told her to kneel on the bed, dropping my trousers and releasing my cock from its confines.  It was harder than I’ve ever experienced before and without any preamble I just forced it into the juicy pussy spread out before me.   She gasped with pleasure as I opened her up and starting pumping in and out.

Twin A wanted a piece of the action too.  She’d slipped off her dress and thong and stood naked. She didn’t need an invitation.  She just came alongside her sister and adopted the same position.  I thought I’d somehow died and gone to heaven.  Two asses displayed in front of me, pussies wide open and begging for a good fucking.

I pulled out and plunged into the other, grabbing her by the hips and pushing in deep.  The feeling was indescribable and by now I was beyond reason, way beyond reason.  I alternated between them, first in one pussy then in the other until I couldn’t last any longer.  I withdrew and sprayed my cum over both girls, covering their asses with my creamy white semen. A triumphant groan emanating from my mouth.

I never did find out what the twinnies were called, but I did hear that they still tell the tale about the college stud who introduced them to spanking!