Flash back: One of the first spanking clips to catch my interest

Dear Reader

I was editing a spanking scene I recently shot today and I started to think. What spanking clip really got me me or pushes my buttons when I was new to spanking?  I’m sure many of you have a clip that runs through your mind.  If you think about it we really have not had streaming spanking content on the internet.

For me that clip is from punishedbrats. It was called skipping school.  It starred Krissi Styles as a young girl who is spanked for skipping class and smoking cigarets with here friend and classmate played by Beverly Bacci.

Beverly Bacci and Krissi Styles

Beverly points out that it wont be that bad they will probably just get grounded.  Krissi reveals that her Mother will probably spank her.  Beverly cannot believe her hears. Shorty after Susan comes in to handle dishing out her discipline.


Susan comes in confronting Krissi about what she has done. She asks Beverly to leave and quickly begins to take care of Krissi. She places Krissi over her knee and starts spanking on her jeans, then on the panties.  The camera pans back to show Beverly watching and giggling through a not fully closed door.

bare but female spanking otk

Susan spanks Krissi well and the clip comes to an end.  This really stuck with me through the years and I still to this day enjoy going back to watch it again.  There is another clip that really kept my interest as well but I will save that for another post.