Happy Humpday! Featuring Lacy AKA: Miss Lollipop

First thing is first. Yes Lacey has the most fantastic ass. Her ass is the perfect shape for spanking and all sorts or fun. The first time i saw it, I just wanted to take a bite out of it. But before you get all excited this dirty little slut is taken.  But that does not stop her from entertaining you and haunting your wet dreams.

lollipop ass

Not only is Lacy a naughty girl who loves to be spanked

But she also spends her time and money on saving  our adorable four legged friends.  Being the owner of a few four legged furry kids this is very close to my own heart.

She also does work to support other non for profit charities!

How could you spank a girl that does all that and looks like this

Lol Easy!

Be sure to check her out and show her much spanking love!






Don’t let this innocent looking girl fool you. She has a nasty dominant side and a very very twisted mind to match.