Humpday Story: The Dancer

Dear Reader

What you are about to read is a true account of a friendship that I enjoyed with dancer that I worked with many years ago. The names are of coursed changed to protect the both of us. Lydia was a young 22 year old dancer. She was married at the time to a very busy man, who was often out of town for long periods of time. I do feel a little bad because her husband, and I later started to work together. However, this was long after their relationship had ended.

The first time Lydia and I played was at a club where we both worked. I had been joking with her all night that if her attitude did not change, I was going to take her down to the dressing room and put her over my knee for a spanking. She would laugh it off and wiggle her butt at me as she walked away to sit with her customer or go on stage. This went on throughout the night.

After we had closed, most of the other dancers had gone home, and I was finishing up my shift, as well. I headed down to the dressing room to say good night. She had not yet changed and was sitting smoking cigar-et. I sat down, and we chit chatted for a while as we did almost every night. After a moment she I mentioned I, still owed her a spanking. She looked at me and said something about make it quick.

Now I need to stop for a moment and put this into perspective. I was maybe 22 or 23 at the time myself. My spanking experience as an adult was very limited. I had a couple of girlfriends of course some other play with friends. However, this was a very attractive young lady, with a bottom that to this day is stuck in my head. Her agreeing to let me spank her was enough to make my heart pound, and that metallic taste of panic set it.

A moment later I told her stand up, and she did and I put her over my knee. She was wearing a black bikini bottom with that had long lacy sides (your standard issue dancer bikini.) Along with a pair of fishnets and a G-string. I gave her bottom 4 firm swats before hooking my fingers into her bikini bottoms. I asked her if it was ok if I pulled them down. She nodded, and I slowly pulled them down. It took me what felt like forever to pull them down. I remember thinking I wanted to savor this moment. Her bottom was two perfect soft white orbs. Her black hair and pale complexion were the stuff my darker goth girl loving dreams were made of, I gave her like four playful swats then pulled them back up. The reality of getting caught set it. The club manager and bartender were still in the building as well as the cook.

The next shift we worked together was a little awkward. She was feeling a little guilty for having a intimate moment with me. I think we both felt there was something there. Neither of us wanted any commitment. I think we both just wanted to explore were this little spanking experiment was going to go.