Indie Sites Get great press

I’m going to blunt. I have never been a fan of the Huffington Post. I would say most of the articles that are posted really annoy me but that is a post for another day and another time. I recently read an amazing article from Kitty Stryker Principled Pornography: How Queer/Indie Sites Are Reframing the Industry

This article delves into how the adult industry is being changed by more independent and progressively thinking producers. There doing everything from changing the way women are looked at as well as working on equal pay and rights on the set. Instead of just “porn” they are making “ethical porn”. There are interviews from some of my favorite producers in this article such as Pandora Blake and Courtney Trouble. I was also amazed to read the words of a super online crush of mine Maggie Mayhem.

I really hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.