Kink Meme Day 18: Any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? If so, what are they?

Oh god yes!!!

1. People who judge others peoples kinks.

2. People who are to self involved to see that they might out others around them by there actions.

3. People who get to close to other peoples scenes space and don’t ask permission.

4 . Predators/Vultures/Hawks/ (Enough said)

5. People who have been on fet life maybe 3 days and show up to a munch thinking people should bow to them or try and make them feel special, and get prissy when they stay in there shell and no one talks to them.

6. The younger/New generation that thinks it’s should be fine to play at munches and do kinky stuff in a public setting because there out and proud and don’t realize what it could do to there local community.

7. People who ignore the older wiser generation that really could teach the TNG and younger folks lessons on what kink used to be before there were all these parties.  Bank when hanky’s and subtle markers had to be uses.

8. Overly bratty subs that will annoy the shit out of you but get pisy if you try and discipline/Play with them.

9. Dom’s who think there gods gift to kink

10. People with no respect for anything

Ok I could keep going but I will stop here.