Dear Reader

I know it has been a long time since my last update, as usually I’m working way to much and not playing as much as I should be. Yes i have indeed become a very dull boy. But this will be changing soon.

My resolution for 2016 was to take more time off of work to play and enjoy myself. Fortunately, for me, this decision came around the launch of a new app for kinky people called Knki.

Knki is a fantastic app that is adapted from another very successful application on the market that currently services the gay community. The team behind the app took the time to listen to the kink/fetish community and mold the existing infrastructure into something that will service the kink community.

Because of some consulting work I was doing, I was given early access to the app…. I can tell you, my dear reader, the app is amazing! There are of course going to be bugs and a few issues that will need to be ironed out; I do honestly believe this app will change how the community connects and meets peoples.

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