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Spanking Needs

Spanking needs a simple website that is straight to the point.  There are articles on how to ask your partner to enter a spanking relationship as well as how to find partners.  There are also stories from others about finding their way through the world of spanking.  There are also helpful articles for people to share with their partners to bring up the idea of starting a spanking relationship.


Taken In Hand

Taken in Hand is a site dedicated for those who seek a head of household type discipline relationship. There are places to submit experiences and ask questions for those seeking this style of domestic discipline relationship.


Learning Domestic Discipline

Learning Domestic Discipline is a site full of information and products for those seeking to venture into a domestic discipline relationship.  There are e-books and forums available for people of all experience levels.


Kink Academy

Kink Academy is an amazing resource site. You can learn about so many aspects of kink. This site covers way more than just spanking.  You can go from spanking to rope work to even learning how to talk dirty. This is a must have in any kink toy box.

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