Manners at a spanking party

So you have done it! You have found a group of local people who love spanking.  You have networked and now have an invite to your first spanking party.  I’m sure either your palm or your bottom are itching for some spanking cation (Depending on the end of the spanking you enjoy more)

There are some simple rules you need to keep in mind.

  1. Every one deserves respect. Treat every one with kindness and chances are you will get it in return.
  2. Not every one wants to play with you ( Sad but true, get used to being told not now or maybe later)
  3. Just because they are a bottom does not mean they will do what you say (This should be a no brianer)
  4. Be sure you know all the rules (Some parties don’t allow anything more than a paddle to a bottom, they may not allow floggers etc)
  5. If you see something that bothers you or seems unsafe, go to the person hosting the party (or a DM if a more kinky event)

Follow these simple steps and you should have a great time.  If you want a little more on this subject check out