Model Extra: Chloe Elise

There are just some adorable bottoms you can never forget.  You know the bottoms I’m talking about.  The kind that spanking fantasies are made from.  Now each one of us has our own taste in spankable asses.  For me one of them is Chloe Elise. I first saw Chloe Elise on Punished Brats.


I’m sure this was at least three to four years ago.  I loved watching her get a sound spanking.  Her body and face are very expressive.

Chloe Elise bare butt otk with david pierson

I also love the sounds she makes!


Chloe can also be found at My Spanking Roommate. She is frequently spanked soundly by both male and female tops.

Chloe Elise panties down