Must See Clip Stores

Dear Reader,

Today I want to bring to you, two  unique clip stores. I love supporting my friends and their ventures in creating spanking content.  I highly suggest you check out one or both of these stores and purchase yourself some unique spanking and domestic discipline material.

The first store is Red Cheek Studios. This store is run by a very dear friend of mine, From my home town of Portland, Oregon.   The clips are priced very affordably. Red Cheek Studios offers a range of scenarios and implements. Most of the scenes I have seen so far are male to female, there does look to be one or two female to female.

At this time, Red Cheek Studios is mostly a Clips4sale store.  I don’t see this being the only avenue for purchase for much longer. I imagine the team will turn the site into a solo store or membership site in the near future.

The next store you should check out is Kitchen Sink Spanking. This store is an amazing project put on by Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy. Paul and Alex are not only a domestic discipline couple; They are also both professionally involved in the spanking community.  Alex is a professional bottom and fetish model. Paul is a producer and the man behind Northern Spanking.

This clip store is made up of short clips that were made in their home.  These are real moments in their life that they are willing to share.  I have noticed a trend, most of the scenes involve Alex showing off a cute pair of panties, I think this is on purpose.

So what are you doing still reading, Go buy some clips and enjoy. Not only are you supporting independent artists, but you are also telling them you want to see more of their work.

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