My First Spanking

I was a teen the first time I got spanked for real. I met a 27 year old man on the net who said he was poly and kinky. I was intrigued. I didn’t really know what those things were. We had dinner and chatted. I had a boyfriend and we were in an “open relationship,” but I didn’t know that was also called “polyamory.” This guy, we’ll call him Kevin, gave me the words and advice I needed to navigate my relationships. He also gave me my first real spanking.

After dinner, he asked if he could tie me up. He asked me first if there was anyone I wanted to call to let them know where I was, or have them call at a certain time to check in on me. I trusted him implicitly and said no. Looking back, that was probably a stupid thing for a nineteen year old girl to do, but I guess my instincts were alright. He’s never harmed me and all these years later, we are still friends.

He essentially had a living room that was easily transformed into a dungeon. There were ties hanging from the ceiling to tie me up. Before he tied me up, he asked me again if this is what I wanted to do. I nodded, “mmmm-hmmm” and he said, “no, I need an actual ‘yes’ from you.”


“That’s better.”

Tied up, vulnerable and wearing just a bra, he holds me by the waist and starts to spank me. I’ve never been spanked before and am not accustomed to the sensation. I go into my head and start thinking about whether I like it or not. It’s strange, but I don’t NOT like it. My ass feels warm. He moves on to different things; whips, paddles, floggers and I don’t remember what else, but he makes sure I am ok and to tell him when to stop. I enjoy the sound of my flesh being beaten. I enjoy the anticipation. He stops and kisses me deeply now and then. When he puts his hand between my legs, he finds my pussy almost dripping wet. I remember him attaching clothes pegs to my labia and inner thighs and finding it so erotic. Then at some point, he unties me, sweeps me off my feet and carries me to his bed where he fucks me.