New Education Resource

Dear Reader

While on a journey through cyberspace, hunting for all things spanking, I stumbled upon a very interesting and educational website. I now present to you The Pleasure Mechanics. This sexy power duo is made up of Charlotte Mia Rose and Chris Maxwell Rose.

Both of these ladies are highly educated and well-rounded sex educators.  Their website is chock full of information on topics such as erotic touch and how to give a better handjob.  They also touch on my favorite topic of Erotic Spanking.

There are about 26 episodes out now for a podcast Charlotte and Chris host called speaking of sex  This podcast like the website covers a very wide range of topics.  My favorite episodes are their spanking episode as well as Married and Flirting.

Along with this podcast, there they have created a spinoff podcast called The Art of Erotic Spanking. I have listened to all the episodes.  I can easily say all of the episodes are great for spankers and spankees of all levels.  It was a nice and creative refresher for me.  I think anyone thinking about trying spanking with their partner needs to check out their site as well as the podcast.

They can also be reached on twitter @LearnPleasure