New Year/New Day/New Post 2014 plans

Dear Reader

“This post is raw. No real editing was done so it might be a little rough”

Over the next couple of days, you might notice a few changes to the site.  I’m going to clean up the link directory as well as make some minor design changes to the site.  I hope to start posting some new video updates soon.  I’m starting to really enjoy video production.   The site has come a long way since I started it back on December 26th 2008.

I launched this site out of love, and the need for a distraction.  The winter of 2008 was tough. I was waiting to hear back on a possible diagnosis of cancer. Life was screwing with me and my marriage at the time was start to drop down hill.  I was able to loose myself in spanking fantasy and websites.  Many of the sites I love today were just starting to show up on the internet.  I started to make some new online friends, Many I have still not met in person.

In 2010 I let the site drop.  The site was hacked and I did not at the time have the ability to fix the issues myself.  So I tore the site down and I started over from scratch.   I lost a few stories and some website reviews.  You can see some of them at . I might try and go back and fish some of my old stories out.  I might even send them to the new editor and have them updated.

Last year was my first major spanking party. I attended Chicago Crimson moon.  It was the most amazing experience of my little spanko life. I was able to meet and talk to friends I had known online for years. I was also able to shake the hands of people I had admired since I was well, to young to be looking at porn on the internet.

This year I plan to do it all. More spanking parties. More spanking clips of my own. More podcasing.   Thank you dear fans and readers.  Here is to an amazing 2014.