sexy time in your ears.

I know I’m falling behind again and the updates are taking a little while longer than I planned.   I promise I will try harder to get more of a set update schedule for all of you.

But over the past couple of days I have just been engulfed in some very sexy/naughty/kinky/Eargasmic podcast.

Today’s Podcast pick is Freedom Of Fetish.

Freedom of Fetish is hosted by a very sexy sounding Raven Lightholme.  I have only had time to listen to about half of the episodes that are  posted, but I can tell you Raven  brings a great light to all things fetish. Her guest are informative and so far cover all areas of the fetish and sex positive community.

My favorite episode so far is episode 14.  In this episode Raven  has on Mia Martina host of “I Want Your Sex,”

There was a  little spanking talk, some horrible sex club experiences shared and some great information given about how to throw your on sexy event. I highly recommend throwing both shows on your mobile listening device and giving  both of these ladies a great reviews on I-tunes.