Office Sex

Well, this isn’t exactly spanking related, but I like the power-imbalance of office sex scenarios. Spanking could be involved, but it’s not really the point of it. It’s about the secrecy – not wanting co-workers to find out….or maybe secretly wanting them to?

I get off on the idea of using sex or flirting at the office to get something. I’ve often had crushes on co-workers, but nothing has ever happened. Why do I always work in such professional environments? lol

My favorite office sex video is this one. Some sites say she’s a secretary, but she could be a CEO for all we know. Maybe they both have crappy marriages and are cheating. Maybe she wants a promotion. Or maybe he wants a promotion. We can only speculate that they discretely ducked into an office, closed the door and quickly placed the camera on the desk. I think it’s so hot and have wished many times that one of my office crushes would bend me over a desk that way. I know I would cum just as hard and fast if my desires came true.