Panties: Part of the package

When it comes to planning a spanking scene or a session with a partner or client, panties are really part of the package.  Maybe it is just me, but having a cute or simple pair of panties can make a bottom look so spankable.

If you are looking to surprise your partner or spice up a spanking scene even more, you may want to consider getting a couple pair of special panties.

My favorite styles are:

High Cut Briefs: These are a great pair of panties for an innocent charge in need of a solid spanking.  These panties usually pull down nicely and frame rounded bottoms well.  These can often be found in standard white and I love them made from cotton or a cotton poly blend.  They are the perfect accessory for an errant schoolgirl outfit.

Boy Shorts: The main reason I love this style is because it’s very cheeky.  If you have a nice bottom over your knee in a pair of these, you will enjoy the view for sure.  You can also get to a lot of exposed skin before even removing the panties.  There are also a few places where you can find these shorts with cute phrases and slogans across the back.

Hipsters:  I really enjoy these. They ride a little lower than most styles but they also give you a much easier time when pulling them down.

I also like bikini cut panties that have ruffles on the butt.

All of the styles above can be found in many different materials and colors.

If you want some great panty ideas, check out Paddles and Panties