Pleasure VS Discaplin

Sorry for the recent delays folks. This past week has been super busy for me.  Between getting ready for the new baby and working on some massive office projects, I have fallen behind on my duties here.  Do not fear. Over the next two days, I will be catching up on posts. Today I want to go over something I have been tossing around my head: Domestic Discipline spankings vs Play spankings.

Discipline spankings:  As some of you know, I regularly spank a couple of people for behavior modification as well as self improvement/motivation.  I will fully admit that it is sometimes enjoyable and relaxing to sit down and tan an upturned ass but I do make it a point to separate my feelings. A discipline or guidance spanking should never lead to sex/naughty attention.  These spankings are to help the Bottom atone for what it is they may have done or to point out a new direction for their improvement.   After my task of sufficiently spanking the Bottom for correction is complete, I will usually comfort them. After they have re-composed themselves, there will be conversation about what needs to change or be done differently.  This oftentimes help them feel fresh, their mind clear, and their misdeeds forgotten.

Fun Spankings:  Well, this is another animal all together.  Oftentimes, while play spanking, there is a great deal of bottom-rubbing and even maybe a finger or two will slip down between the legs.  There is often fun and even bratty banter between me and the person over my lap.  Fun spankings can even lead to activities such as oral sex for both parties and even straight up dirty, sweaty, raw fucking. Honestly, I think it is the mood and the mindset that separates these two very different yet similar acts.