Punished Brats Showcase: Adult Film Star Andy San Dimas

Dear Reader:

You may not know this but before she became an AVN award winning adult film star, Andy San Dimas could be seen getting her bottom spanked soundly at punishedbrats.com.

Andy San Dimas otk spanking

You have to admit dear reader that Andy San Dimas has an amazingly spankable bottom.

David Pierson spanking Andy San Dimas
David Pierson Spanking Andy San Dimas

Her facial expressions, and body response to being spanked make her a real treat to watch.

veronica bound spanking Andy San Dimas over her kneeMost of these shoots were done very early in Andy San Dimas’s adventure into the adult industry.

Andy San Dimas school girl spanking

The Punished brats crew was very fortunate to stumble upon this up and coming actress

Andy San Dimas panties warmed
Andy San Dimas getting her panties warmed


Andy San Dimas9 Andy San Dimas7 Andy San Dimas8I’m sure you will find it a treat as well Dear reader to watch this nice little bottom get spanked