Readers Finish: The Office Girl

I want you my readers to help me end this story.

After a couple of days of talking and flirting, Sasha finally agreed to a sound spanking from me in the office.  We were planning to arrive at the office well before opening.  I would be in my office sitting at my desk working on client projects.  She would arrive dressed as ordered.  She would inform me that she had lost a series of very important phone messages.


I’m sitting in my office trying to focus on client e-mails when I hear a light tapping on my office door. “Hello, Sasha,” I say, looking up from my monitor.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she says in a quiet voice.

I try and looked puzzled at her. “For what?”

“I lost some very important messages for you from yesterday. I don’t even remember the clients names.”  She begins to ramble on about how she meant to save the messages and did not.

I give her a stern look that shows I’m very upset by this news. She quits talking and looks at the floor.

“We have talked about this before,” I say in a stern voice.

“Yes sir,” she replies.

“What did we decide would happen if this sort of thing continued to happen”?

She is still looking at her feet with no response.

“Sasha, please answer me.”

Her voice quivers. “We decided you should spank me.”

“That is correct,” I say, trying to hide the excitement in my voice.  I slowly slide my chair away from my desk.

“Come over here.”

She walks over slowly. I have no trouble taking her hand and gliding her body over my lap.  She stiffens up a little as I rise my right knee up slightly to help position her bottom in place.  I quickly flip up her skirt, revealing a cute pair of tight black cotton panties.


I feel my pulse quicken and the excitement in my mind and body build.  I can see her chest rising and falling as well.  I can see she is just as excited and nervous  as I am.  I rest the palm of my right hand on her panty-clad bottom. The cotton is very soft to the touch and tightly pulled across her bottom.  I gently slide two fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly pull them down.  I enjoy the entire process of watching her firm, pert bottom come into view.


I lower her panties to mid thigh and take a moment to enjoy the view of such a magnificent bottom.