Reverse Oreo

I’m black but I usually end up with white men. White guys seem to be more open to my poly life-style. I live with my husband and our rule is the person who does not bring home a date, gets to sleep in our comfy queen bed. I guess it’s like a consolation prize. The person with the date sleeps on the futon in the living room. Depending on my mood, I will sleep with hubby, sleep with the date or invite the date to sleep with us in the queen bed.

This one particular night, I cuddled my hubby to sleep and then climbed in with my boyfriend on the futon. When we woke up in the morning, I decided to tie his arms to the frame, blindfold him and just go to town on his dick. I  blew him and he had no control (not that he wanted it!). I licked and teased him, then rode him to climax. Somewhere in all that, we must have made too much noise. My hubby is a horny peeping Tom and came in to take a peak. I was still on top of my boyfriend, now flaccid, and my hubby climbed on top and thrust himself inside me from behind. It was our first real reverse Oreo and so amazing to be literally surrounded by love.