Saturday Spanking Questions

Dear Readers: Sorry I forgot I have another set of questions from Olive. You can see there 1st set of questions here.

Question: What parts of the body get spanked? (Just butt or pussy too, thighs?)

Answer: I honestly just stick to the ass and the thighs for the most part. I also work in the tops of the legs just below the ass. There any many other players and kinksters who do enjoy pussy spanking. There are even floggers and toys made specific for genital spankings.

Question: Is it okay to get emotional and cry if you’re being spanked?

Answer: I’m going to say yes, but it really depends on the people playing. Some bottoms go straight to tears. Many find being spanked very cathartic and a good way to release pent up emotions. It’s my opinion that crying is fine as long as the top and the bottom understand it is ok, and the top is mindful of the safeword.

Question: How do you deal with after the spanking? What’s is aftercare like?

Answer: Most of the bottoms I have had the pleasure of spanking usually just enjoy cuddling after. Some people enjoy ice or lotion after. I think it really comes down to what the bottom feels they need. Some light spanking may not require much at all. A long spanking session may require more. I have found it is usually more mental than physical.

Question: Should you spank if the spanker is angry?

Answer: In my personal opinion no. I have been in a few domestic discipline relationships and I still never spank when angry. I try to cool down and communicat first.

Question: When to stop?

Answer: Whenever a safe word is used or when there is danger of permanent or harmful damage.

Question: Rules or etiquette?

Answer: Rules and etiquette are usually set up between top and bottom either before the scene or somewhere in relationship rules. Example, Some tops allow their bottoms to pull their own panties or undies down, I, for example do not.

Question: Is it only done when someone is naughty?
Answer: Nope, many bottoms enjoy a more lighter, playful spanking that might be more to turn them on than to change a behavior or discipline. Spanking can be very fun and sensual and is not just for discipline.

Question: Is it normal to want to break the rules so you get spanked?

Answer: This question made me chuckle. Bratting is the act of poking the bear or pushing a tops buttons in order to get a spanking. It does not happen, but often times it’s kind hearted play to earn more of a play or light hearted spanking rather than a discipline spanking. It’s also a common way to start a roleplay scene.

Question: Is spanking mostly for D/s play or is that even needed?

Answer: I feel spanking can be enjoyed far outside of a D/s relationship. I know a few couples who use it just for naughty foreplay.

Question: When not to spank?

Answer: When your angry, if your bottom does not consent or uses their safe word, or you’re not in a location where it would be allowed or the norm.