Short Story: Poolside

It was a quiet evening at the house. Sasha was out swimming in the pool and I decided to take a break from work and enjoy a little vitamin D and a drink.  I grabbed a cigar and a scotch and headed to the patio.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself and relaxing while watching Sasha swim back and forth. Her two piece suit hugged her body just right, highlighting her pert and very firm backside.  After she was done, she came and sat in the chaise lounge next to me.  We chatted for a moment before I turned to her.

“I would love to tan your ass”

She looked at me a little puzzled

“Right here?” She asked.

“Yes. Here. Outside. During this sunset.”

She had a nervous look on her face.

“That could be dangerous. Someone might see,” she said, trying to be as coy as possible.

I responded, “I highly doubt you are that worried.”

I had her stand and take off her towel. I draped the towel over my lap and then quickly took her over my lap.  I wasted no time in untying the bows on her suit bottom and made sure the entire piece fell to the ground.  I quickly began applying my hand to her enticing behind.

She squirmed and wiggled over my lap. Every time my hand would connect with her wet bare ass, she would let out a moan. If I spanked in a more rapid succession, she would almost squeal like a young girl being chased around a tree.  After some more light spanks and sensual rubbing, her body with writhing over my knee.

Watching this beautiful specimen wiggle and squirm under my hand was just too much. I quickly pushed her off my lap to the ground. She gave me a look of confusion before I turned her around to face away from me.  Before she had time to completely wrap her mind around what was happening, I was already inside her.

I grabbed her hips and thrust into her with all the power my hips could produce. She moaned with pleasure. Being outside was risky and dangerous and her pussy was wet