So You Want a Spanking?

So You Want a Spanking?

For me the hardest part is wanting a spanking and not being able to get one right when I want it. Spankings can be very sensual and very sexual so if I am in the mood a good hard spanking may be all that is on my mind. So how does one go from wanting a spanking to actually receiving a spanking?  I have a few methods, they don’t always work and sometimes they backfire but more often than not I get just what I am looking for!

Ask Nicely

Yes, you can always just ask, I prefer something along the lines of “mmm Daddy can I have spankings and naughty stuff” Obviously change it to your preferred titles. This sometimes does not work, if he is not in the mood, or is busy or we have some obligation soon.

Sad Faces

I make a sad face and snuggle up close and maybe sigh a little, this gives the person I am interested in receiving a spanking from an opportunity to ask what is wrong and if they know me well enough, a chance to suggest a spanking to lighten my mood and cheer me up. Now if the person does not know your desire to be spanked, or that spanking improves your mood this will not work and may end badly.


Ah the time tested and true method. I become a little brat, I poke and prod and tease and am horrible, normally in a cute pay attention to me way. Now you have to be careful with this one, because it can lead to getting spanked because you crossed a line and actually upset the person you want a spanking from. Then all bets are off if it is a fun, or not so fun spanking.


I so am not above throwing a fit to get my way, however this is not for the light hearted. When I throw a tantrum in the hopes of getting a spanking I know that it is not a spanking on my terms and I am at the whim of the person giving me a spanking.

So that’s how I do it, as I said most of the time it works, sometimes a little better than barged for so be warned you are putting your bum on the line when you actively go searching for a spanking!

Author: Amy Lyn