Social media and Porn/Smut/Adult Material

Some of you out there may all ready know this about me but here goes.
In my vanilla real life I do marketing and promotions.  Not just any marketing and promotions mind you but Social media marketing and promotions.  I spend day after day helping clients grasp the use of Twitter and Facebook and other social media outlet specific to there industry.

I also have clients in the adult business arena that use my services.  I cannot recall how many times I have been told by, clients and potential clients, that they know how to use social media.  Only to find there twitter feed is them just spewing out updates. Come see me on cam or check out my new update.

They completely miss the social part of social media.  You have to interact with your clients.

There is a great podcast episode I recommend you check out if this topic even remotely interest you.

Redoing Media – Episode 34

If you would like more resources on this topic more focused on the adult industry check out

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