Sophia Locke

Over the past six months or so, you may have noticed I have been posting a great deal of cam girl content.  This will not change anytime soon.  I love promoting these hard working Indie/DIY entrepreneurs who are going out and taking what is theirs.  I love watching these entertainers build themselves into industry brands.  These girls aren’t just hopping on cam to earn a quick buck but actually building something.

Sophia Locke red cam spanking

I recently stumbled upon a girl who is all of the things listed above and more. Her name is Sophia Locke.  Some of you may have seen Sophia on sites such as Shadow Lane, Spanked Call Girls and Spanked Sweeties.  Her shapely bottom was even featured in Exclusive Education 6.

Sophia lock spanked

Sophia is also the power behind Sophia Locke’s Cam Girl MansionThere has been one of these mansion events so far, with the next one coming up August 16th-23rd, 2012.  The planning stages have already started for two more events – one in January 2013, and the other in the summer of 2013.  Some of my long time readers will remember me posting about these amazing events featuring some very hot cam girls who love spanking amongst other naughty things. I have covered and seen some stellar spanking scenes come out of these events.

Snow Mercy spanks Sophia Locke
Snow Mercy spanks Sophia Locke

I really enjoy watching Sophia on cam.  She is honestly lots of fun to watch and interact with live.  There is no superstar ego with this girl.  She plays fun and titillating games and really mixes it up.  I highly suggest you bookmark her MFC profile page  . You can also join her fan club here. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions and share some love on twitter (here)