Spanking Dreams

It’s been so long since I’ve had a spanking. The blood rushing to my head as I bend over his knee. The anticipation. The dull weight of his hand as the first blows come down on my butt over my jeans. The sensation as my butt warms and tingles to the action. I bite my lip and try not to squirm.

He makes me stand up and pull my pants down. Now my ass is only protected by thin cotton panties. He rubs my butt and then starts smacking it again. It heats up even more; even he can feel the heat. It’s like I’m on fire. I’m sure it’s getting redder and redder, but he’s not finished.

He gets me to help pull down my panties now and takes out a black rubber paddle. It stings! Each strike hits tiny nerves and it’s like electricity shoots through my body. I even feel my ears burning and their tips turning red. Maybe it’s just part of being flushed and upside down, maybe the humiliation or both. My whole body reacts to the stinging pain and I yelp despite not wanting to. Just when I think I can take no more, he stops and I get relief. He lets me stand up and I rub my hot stinging backside and gingerly pull my panties and pants back up. I cautiously sit down and try to get comfortable again. I know tomorrow my ass will probably still be a lovely red.

And then I wake up from my dream. It’s been too long since I’ve had a spanking.