Spanking Party

With the summer months upon us, there are lots of larger spanking parties revving up. Chicago and Dallas are having them as well Vegas in the Fall. Atlantic City is kicking off the season.  Reading about all of these parties really makes me miss going to social spanking events.  I have yet to make it out to a large party. Something always gets in the way of attending at the last minute with everything from family emergencies to financial crises.

I have had the opportunity to attend larger BDSM events and conferences.  I’m almost 100% sure they are not the same.  I used to attend a party about once a month back home that was just a spanking party.  Of course it grew and evolved to include rope and other forms of light bondage and more whips and single tail play, but it started out as a nice social function for people who were just interested in spanking.

I have seriously been throwing around the idea of organizing such an event around here.  It would be a small gathering of maybe 20 to 30 people all over the age of 21 and preferably mostly single bottoms and couples.  Honestly, if you have a bunch of single tops and only a few bottoms the party is dull rather fast.  I don’t care if the tops are male or female.  I have found you should keep the ratio about one spanker to two or three spankees.  This makes the night rather fun and you will get all sorts of spanking activity.

I’m curious about you, my readers:

1. Do you like small parties or large parties?
2. Do you like all around kink/BDSM events or spanking only parties?
3. As a top, do you let others spank your partner?
4. As a bottom, would you let other tops (with permission) spank you?
5. Would you enjoy watching or giving a spanking or receiving a spanking in front of others?
6. What items would you bring to a spanking party?  What do you think the host should provide?

Answers will combined and posted for a follow-up discussion.