Story: The Party

A couple of nights ago, Sasha and I went out to a very nice play party.  It was just the two of us this time.  Sasha was wearing an amazingly hot black cocktail dress and heels.  Since she decided to dress to the nines, I decided my suit coat and black Stanford shirt with slacks would be fitting.  I even donned the pair of cufflinks she bought me for my birthday.

As we were riding in the cab to the party, we quickly went over the rules.  Since Sasha was in a bratty mood and was looking for a little trouble, I set the boundary that she was not to play with anyone, male or female, without my direct permission.  She and the person she wanted to play with would have come to me and ask.  I knew full well that her friend Gina was going to be at the this party.  She and Gina can never keep their hands off one another.

We arrived at the party and we ware greeted by friends and acquaintances.  We mingled and socialized for a while.  The party was laid out the same way as usual. There were fresh towels and linen in every room. The bar was fully stocked and serviced by an adorable bartender and her handsome male counterpart.

I was chatting with a friend while Sasha was talking to a new couple at the party. Since I was distracted away from Sasha, the chat with my friend quickly turned to business. Business talk lead into us getting our drinks and heading out to the patio to enjoy a couple of very nice cigars.  We stayed away from the party for a good 20 to 30 minutes before we both even noticed we were talking business at a sex party.

Walking back inside, I started the hunt for Sasha.  It did not take me long to find her on a couch with Gina. Sasha had her dress pulled all the way up showing off her cute black satin panties.  Gina’s hands were down Sasha’s panties and Sasha was licking Gina’s exposed nipples.  Sasha looked up and noticed me and quickly tried to rise to her feet while pulling her dress down. I gave her the look that lets her know she is in hot water with me.

“Don’t bother.”

I quickly grabbed her wrist and took her to the adjacent couch.  I drew her directly over my knee in one smooth motion.  You could hear people in the room just above a whisper.

“Uh oh. Someone is in trouble.”

“I was just…” *Smack* I land a firm spank on her upturned bottom.

“Don’t try to explain. You knew the rules. You broke them.”

I begin to land spank after spank on her backside.  I look over and notice that there are couples lining up behind the couches to watch the action.  I know they can hear me and the smacks landing on Sasha’s ass over the music.

I began to spank and lecture at the same time. I allow my palm to rest on her ass just long enough for the sting to set in before raising my hand and bringing it down again.  Sasha is squealing and bucking and thrashing and calling me every name in the book.  I pull up her dress further and in one motion I pull her panties completely down.

I allowed her to kick to give everyone the opportunity to see the glistening folds between her thighs.

Shortly afterward, Sasha was over my knee, sniffling and completely submissive.  When we started, her bottom was a soft creamy color.  When I finished, it had been transformed to a burning hot crimson.

“Could someone get me some ice from the bar?”

Gina, who had hungrily been watching the whole time, jumped up and quickly returned from the bar.  I took a single ice cube from the glass and slowly rubbed it across Sasha’s ass pausing momentarily in her delicious crevices.

I continued to rub down and blow on Sasha’s very sore bottom while I picked up my business conversation with the gentleman from earlier.  After her bottom was cooled, I began letting my fingers wander around her still throbbing vulva as her breaths started coming faster. I probed her gloriously wet pussy with my fingers, keeping pressure on her clit with my thumb, with increasing intensity through her soft moans until she came.  Gina, noticeably flushed, handed me a towel to dry my hands as Sasha left to clean herself up.

Sasha returned to the couch with my favorite drink.  She set it down and slipped to her knees before me.  She gave me a repentant look that simply asked, “May I?”  I nodded to her and went back to my conversation. The gentleman I was talking with earlier was sitting next to me on the couch getting a blowjob from his date for the night.

We sat on the couch talking about marketing while our girls buried our cocks in their mouths.  Gina interrupted to ask if she could play with the girls from the back.  We both give permission. The girls obediently rise from sitting on their feet into a kneeling position without ceasing their steady rhythms, spreading their legs to give Gina a full view. Gina expertly slips their panties down over their gorgeous curves.  Sasha began sucking faster and licking more intensely as Gina played with her. The gentleman’s girl must have done the same as our conversation silenced. It was not much longer before we all decided to move our party to a private room.

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  1. A short fun read! Wanted to know more about how her ass felt under his hand and the look on her face as she was receiving her punishment. Looking forward to reading what happens in the private room!!

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